Crime Victims Reparation Commission


Commission Members

Marron Lee, Esq., Chairwoman
Robin Edward, M.D., Vice Chairwoman
Erica Jorgensen-Forde
Mark Myers
Nivia Thames

New Mexico Crime Victims Reparation Commission
6200 Uptown Blvd. NE, Suite 210
Albuquerque, NM 87110

CVRC Office E-mail: cvrc.office@state.nm.us

CVRC Grants E-mail: cvrc.grants@state.nm.us

(505) 841-9432 (general services)
(505) 841-9435 (VOCA and VAWA Grants Office)
(800) 306-6262 (assistance to victims)
(505) 841-9437 (fax)

Administrative Staff

Director: 222-6449 Frank Zubia

Deputy Director: 222-6441 Robin Brassie

Purchasing Agent: 222-6437 Dorothy Padilla

Administrative Secretary: 841-9432 Rose Martinez

Compensation Staff

State Investigator Supervisor: 222-6456 Moises Valdez

State Investigator Supervisor: 222-6436 Samantha Acuff

State Investigator:

Richard Chavez 222-6450

Jacqueline Chavez-Sanchez 222-6455

Yesenia Renteria 222-6452

Johnny Romero 222-6451

Corey Roybal 222-6448

Debra Yepa 222-6447

Compensation Management Analyst: Anne Matson 222-6454
Victim Advocate: Katie Langston 222-6435

Grant Staff

VAWA Grant Administrator: 222-6458 MaryEllen Garcia

VOCA Grant Administrator: 222-6445 Melissa Ewer

Accountant/Auditor: 222-6439 Suzanne Lopez

Grant Program Specialist: 222-6440 Troy Giangola

Grant Program Specialist: 222-6453 Nicole Avery

Grant Program Specialist: 222-6457 Marivel Baca

Financial Staff

CFO: 222-6438 Cindy Mok

Financial Specialist: 222-6460 Martha Burgos-Torres


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